J Aktive Warns Fans From Experiencing Bad Luv

LA-based creator extraordinaire J Aktive has been making waves in the indurst lately, thanks to a powerful collection of tracks released under the form of an album titled Bad Luv. 

Throughout 8 tracks, J Aktive uses this creative opportunity to talk about topics usually remaining unaddressed in urban music, including masculine vulnerability surrounding toxic relationships in modern society. 

Mixing in-depth topics with upbeat, feel-good sonic designs, J Aktive’s inspiring approach and confessional spirit reinforces his status as a truly special artist in his genre. 

From collaborations to hyper-focused works, the common denominator throughout Bad Luv is the passion for storytelling deployed by J Aktive with a brilliant originality and consistency. 

Elements of hip hop, r&b, neo soul, rap, and pop, coexist peacefully and mutually enrich each other to create a single-flowing inspirational tracklist, where fans will rejoice in discovering guest features like SuperRoper, Gabriele West, JSP, Kay Franklin, Tati Elicia, Hailes Pare, and EA &W33Z. 

With hundreds of thousands of streams, J Aktive’s new album is one more proof of his incredible artistry and dedication to creating universally inspiring music. 

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