Jade Bird says she’s about “halfway” through “vulnerable” third album

Jade Bird has revealed she is about halfway through her “vulnerable” new album. Watch our video interview with Bird above.

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Speaking to NME at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire this weekend (July 24), the Northumberland-born, US-based singer-songwriter told us about new song ‘Save Your Tears’ – which she performed in her set – as well as what fans can expect from her third studio record.

“[It’s] probably 50/50 on the new album,” she said of the new song. “Been working really hard on the new album, I think it’s got about halfway there. And it really is the best stuff I’ve ever made, so that’s really exciting.”


Bird, who is now based in Austin, Texas, also revealed that she has worked on some of the record in LA, adding that it’s “quite a vulnerable album”.

“I think I’m just kind of powerhousing its way through, and this one’s kind of taking a few layers off,” she said.

Asked what has been inspiring the new material, she joked: “A breakdown!”

“I think there’s a lot of us, I’ve noticed, coming out of the pandemic they’ve been going through a hell of a lot, and I’m no different to be honest with you” she said. “So that’ll be fun to talk about!”

The singer also recently featured on Bear’s Den new song ‘Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away’ for the Apple TV series Trying, with Bird sharing that she’s in the “spirit of collaboration” for the new record.

“Usually I’ve been quite insular because I wanted to progress on my own, and now I feel kind of open, which is lovely.”


She also shared that the collaboration for her new record is happening behind the scenes with writing. “I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of songs by myself now, let’s see what other people do, let’s learn from other people.”

Bird’s last album, ‘Different Kinds of Light’, came out in August last year, which received four-stars from NME, describing Bird as being at her “vocal and poetic best” while “knocking down the genre walls she was once placed within”.