Jimin says music for BTS is “not really about language”

South Korean singer Jimin of K-pop boyband BTS has opened up about how the superstar group managed to overcome language barriers with their music.

In a new interview with GQ Korea, BTS’ Jimin spoke about how the boyband were able to transcend languages with their music. Notably, BTS have topped the Billboard Hot 100 with songs in both English and Korean.

“To get to where we are now, our team has faced considerable struggles,” Jimin said, “occasionally losing our way and experiencing conflict, but always supporting each other.”


“The joy, sorrow, pain, delight, and love we’ve felt along the way – we’ve been candid about it all. I think these emotions struck a chord with people,” he added. “So, in the end, it’s not really about language, but the heart that bridges the gap.”

The singer also spoke about how being a member of BTS and the challenges they’ve faced throughout their career have “laid the foundation for us to become ourselves”.

“I don’t think that idea needs any further explanation. It’s something we should keep in mind as we get older,” he continued. “I believe a team is at its best and receives the most love when its members function as a team.”

In other K-pop news, EXO member D.O. has left his long-time label, SM Entertainment, after 11 years. However, despite leaving the agency, the singer will continue to promote with the boyband.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM will collaborate with Overwatch 2 on an upcoming crossover event. It’ll feature their upcoming English-language single, ‘Perfect Night’, new in-game content and a BlizzCon 2023 appearance.