Josh Homme says bands who don’t play their hits are “a little c**ty”

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has shared his thoughts on musicians who don’t play their biggest hits in favour of newer material.

Speaking to the Tuna on Toast With Stryker podcast, Homme said: “I understand that I’m always going to play ‘No One Knows’ because I still like playing that song and that’s something that it’s an agreement with the audience. I assume that this is a part of coming here to see us, and here you go.”

He continued: “When there’s bands that don’t want to play their big song or their big songs, I always think it’s a little cunty to do that. Acting like a song that a lot of people like is a burden is just a strange reaction to the gift that your fans have given you. Seems like an odd reaction.”


Homme would then go on to explain that he had seen bands struggling with their success: “In the years of doing this, I’ve seen a lot of artists… sort of get angry at their own music for doing well. Having fans is a cool thing. And they want stuff. And when it comes to playing the stuff that they want, I feel like that’s why this is happening, right?”

“You guys are all here because you want to hear some stuff and also have no idea what’s going to happen. And you need to have that basic food group in order for me to surprise you, too. Surprise requires knowing some constants are going to happen. So I don’t sweat stuff like that.”

Queens Of The Stone Age released their new album ‘In Times New Roman’ in June. In a four-star review of the record, which is the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Villains’NME wrote: “This is up there with their darkest, knottiest material to date, and will be appreciated all the more for it.”

Homme and co. recently headlined the Other Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2023, marking their first appearance at Worthy Farm since 2011. Footage of a circle pit that erupted in the crowd later went viral on social media.

Queens Of The Stone Age will embark on a run of UK and Ireland concerts this November following a string of dates in Europe. You can find any remaining tickets here.