K-pop rookies Billlie to release new mini-album in late August

K-pop girl group Billlie will be making a comeback later this month with their third mini-album ‘the Billage of perception : chapter two’.

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On August 8, Mystic Story announced that the seven-member act would return in late August with their third mini-album, titled ‘the Billage of perception : chapter two’.

According to a representative from Mystic Story, per Newsen, the upcoming record will continue the story of their November 2021 debut mini-album ‘the Billage of perception : chapter one’. While the agency has yet to announce an exact release date, it added that the record is in its “final stages”.


News of Billlie’s upcoming release comes weeks after they dropped their digital single album ‘track by YOON: Patbingsu’, which was led by a remake of Mystic Story founder and singer Yoon Jong-shin’s ‘Patbingsu’.

The release included one B-side, ‘Highway Romance’, also a remake of one of Yoon’s songs of the same title. Both tracks were originally released in 2001 as part of his ‘Shade’ studio album.

In February, Billlie released their sophomore mini-album ‘the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one’. Shortly after its release, a fancam of member Tsuki performing to the title track ‘GingaMingaYo (the strange world)’ went viral due to her wild, quick-changing facial expressions, which earned praise of K-pop fans both domestically and overseas.

The song made it to NME’s list of the 15 best K-pop songs of 2022 so far, where it was hailed as “a much-needed shot of pure dopamine in an era that seems to favour bare-boned anti-drops.”