KruddTheGuru Flaunts His Artistic Versatility & Authenticity In “LifesAMess”

Baltimore native Hip Hop artist and songwriter, KruddTheGuru has just dropped his latest single “LifesAMess,” a powerful track that touches on the daily challenges that people encounter, such as drug dependency and mental health struggles. The Virus and Antidote, with whom the rapper shares a strong artistic bond, has skillfully crafted the track to provide a stirring listening experience.

KruddTheGuru says: “I think it’s really important to have music that people can really relate to. People definitely love club bangers, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to relate to an artist and get people to feel a certain way about your art. I want people to know that you can make tracks that hit hard and make you bob your head while also saying some real stuff. Being authentic and true to what you do will always attract people for the long run.”

During a recent interview, KruddTheGuru also expressed his thoughts on Baltimore’s thriving hip hop scene, noting that it often doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves from the music industry. As a result, many artists are driven to push themselves to their limits. He went on to describe the diverse range of hip hop styles and other musical genres present in the city’s underground scene, stating that there is something for every fan to appreciate. 

The emerging rapper’s impressive musical talents and artistic versatility are evident in his extensive discography, which includes several highly acclaimed projects. His EP, ItTakesAVillage, has received widespread praise, particularly for the standout track “INeed$.” Additionally, KruddTheGuru’s 9-track album, Kruddys Laboratory, boasts a number of hits, such as “FuturisticCowboy” and “i wrote my $ins down.” 

KruddTheGuru draws inspiration from a range of artists including Trae tha Truth, Deniro Farrar, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Bones, who have each influenced his distinctive sound. Through listening to their music, the rapper was motivated to develop a unique style of his own. With tracks like “LifesAMess,” he continues to showcase his individuality and artistic vision, which distinguishes him from his contemporaries in the scene.

Listen to “LifesAMess” here: