LA Laura Paris Creates a Furor with “Game Over”

Coming out of the bustling music scene in France and Belgium, LA Laura Paris creates a furor with her special brand of electro pop and dance beats. “Game Over” is a last tip-off to a powerful new force in music.

The track “Game Over” comes through with high-octane beats and deep basslines that are really smoothed over by the lyrical content. It pretty much narrates the story of breaking free from bad relationships and self-affirmation. With lines such as “I love myself, I respect myself. I eject the jerks of the night,” LA Laura Paris really drives a point home: empowerment through and keeping one’s dignity.

Born Laura Pinon-Courtoy, LA Laura Paris began her musical journey at the age of 6. Grown in a home with a pure classical environment, she studied violin and piano at the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels. Her dynamic musical style has come from extensive and multifarious training in various dance forms and the visual arts. Such eclectic influences come through in the music she creates, which is a mix of pop, electro, and dance all rolled into one.

Even before breaking into the music scene, LA Laura Paris had also ventured into some modeling and street art. She had been writing her name in huge “LA” and “JUST DANCE MOTHER F💖💖💖💖💖” written in words, on the streets of major cities globally. All that diversity in her art is expressed well through her music, with visual aesthetics and the sonic experience meeting in one thing.

It comes into full realization with “Game Over,” in which LA Laura Paris rejects the games and lies of a former love in an anthem of liberation. The lyrics are brought out with the fierce choreography and visual of the music video, set in a slick, digital playground. LA and her dancers are on a hard, edgy neon set with vintage arcade imagery, pulling a gritty performance in tandem with the defiant spirit of the song.

The single comes hot on the heels of her previous successes with “I’m Leaving Right Away” and “Kissing Boys,” both of which have received critical appraise and have proven her continued versatility as an artist. Every release from LA Laura Paris is one more example of breaking new ground in electro pop yet, at the same time, staying deeply personal in lyrical content and totally original in style. “Game Over” is not a song; it’s a statement. It screams declarations of independence and power, beat-bound so no one can sit still for it. This is the honesty of music created by LA Laura Paris as an artist in the invincible testimony for free speech and the undying quest for freedom in artistic endeavors.

Play Laura’s latest masterpiece below: