Listen to Björk’s meditative new love song, ‘Ovule’

Björk has shared a new single called ‘Ovule’ – you can listen to it below.

The song serves as the second preview of the Icelandic artist’s 10th studio album ‘Fossora’, which is due for release on September 30 via One Little Independent Records (pre-order here).

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Following on from the track ‘Atopos’, Björk’s latest offering sees the singer present her own unique “definition of love” in a musical form.


Announcing ‘Ovule’ on social media today (September 14), Björk wrote: “It is a meditation about us as lovers walking around this world and I imagine 2 spheres or satellites following us around.

“One above us that represents ideal love, one below us representing the shadows of love and we ourselves walk around in the third sphere of real love, where the everyday monday-morning meet-in-the-kitchen-love lives in.”

The single arrives with a captivating official video – tune in below.

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Speaking previously about the meaning behind ‘Fossora’, Björk explained that the album is about “a word i made up”, adding: “It is the feminine of fossore (digger, delver, ditcher), so in short it means ‘she who digs’ ( into the ground ).”


She said: “Each album always starts with a feeling that I try to shape into sound. This time around the feeling was landing on the earth and digging my feet into the ground.

“It was also woven into how I experienced the ‘now’. This time around 7 billion of us did it together nesting in our homes quarantining being long enough in one place that we shot down roots.”

In October 2021, Björk said that she’d made her new record “for people who are making clubs at home in their living room” during the COVID-enforced lockdowns.

Two songs from the LP – ‘Sorrowful Soil’ and ‘Ancestress’ – are said to be directed tributes to the singer’s mother, Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir, who died in 2018 aged 72. You can see the full tracklist below.

‘Sorrowful Soil’
‘Fagurt Er í Fjörðum’
‘Fungal City’
‘Her Mother’s House’

Meanwhile, Björk has also launched a new podcast series in which she reflects on the creation of each of her studio albums to date.