Liz Truss walks on-stage to M People’s ‘Moving On Up’ at Tory Party conference

Prime Minister Liz Truss walked on-stage to M People‘s ‘Moving On Up’ at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham today (October 5).

The PM delivered a 35-minute speech at the International Convention Centre (ICC) this morning. As the BBC notes, it was the shortest in-person conference speech by a Tory Prime Minister this century.

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In it, Truss outlined her economic vision for the UK and said that she stood for “growth, growth, growth”. She also reiterated that the recent U-turn on plans to scrap the 45p tax rate for the highest earners was because it had become a “distraction”.


Addressing those who are worried about the economy, the PM said she is “working flat out” to make sure they get through the current crisis. “So let me be clear: we have your back,” she added. However, there was no mention of how last month’s mini-budget did nothing to help those on low incomes.

Truss took to the podium as M People’s 1993 hit single ‘Moving On Up’ played out over the PA. A slogan reading “Get Britain Moving” was displayed behind her. The song in question features the line: “Move right out of here, baby, go on pack your bags.”

In response, M People founder and ‘Moving On Up’ co-writer Mike Pickering tweeted: “So apparently we can’t stop Truss walking out to our song, very weird!”

He continued: “So sad it got used by this shower of a government. BTW Truss Labour used it with permission in 90s. I don’t want my song being a soundtrack to lies.”

In a separate message, Pickering wrote: “I sincerely hope she listens to the lyrics.”


James Small-Edwards, the son of M People singer Heather Small, is the Labour and co-operative councillor for Bayswater in the City of Westminster. He said that Truss’ use of ‘Moving On Up’ was “an apt choice”.

Small-Edwards added: “This tired and out of touch Tory Government is indeed moving on out.”

Heather Small is yet to comment on the use of the single – NME has reached out to her representatives for comment.

Elsewhere in today’s conference, Truss was interrupted by Greenpeace campaigners who held up a yellow sign reading: “Who voted for this?”. The protestors could be heard shouting, “Who voted for fracking?”

Greenpeace later shared a clip of the moment on Twitter. “Greenpeace activists have interrupted [Liz Truss’] speech at #CPC22 to denounce the prime minister ‘shredding’ her party’s 2019 manifesto promises,” the caption read.

“The PM is U-turning on fracking, strong climate action, and world-leading environmental protections. Who voted for this?”

You can see that post beneath.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, Heather Small recalled the time Boris Johnson referenced the lyrics to M People’s 1994 song ‘Search For The Hero’ while talking about his experience of COVID-19 and subsequent weight loss mission.

“At this moment in time, I am of immigrant stock, I’m working class, I’m Black, female and if a Conservative Prime Minister’s going to quote my words, I’ll take it! Everything I am doesn’t sit well with Conservatives all of the time,” she explained.

“And if you look at the strict immigration rules they want to put in place, I think to myself: there you are quoting the daughter of an immigrant. We bring something positive, we bring something different, and we bring a lot of hard work that should be acknowledged.”