Lorde has “kept working” since her ‘Solar Power’ tour ended

Lorde has told fans that she has “kept working” since her ‘Solar Power’ tour ended this summer, hinting that she’s making progress on new music.

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The singer released her third album last August and has since taken it on North American, UK and European tours, stopping at Glastonbury and beyond. On the one year anniversary of the album’s announcement in June, she thanked fans for their support, and called criticism of the album “confounding and at times painful to sit with”.

To mark the one year anniversary of the album’s release, Lorde released a new video for its closing track, ‘Oceanic Feeling’, and updated them on her movements since the ‘Solar Power’ tour ended.


“I write to you from summer’s end,” her message began. “I can’t believe it’s almost gone. Normally in these months, my whole life is lived in deference to the season. I wake up and the weather decides what I’ll do. I spend long days outside. Swims come first, and everything else in my calendar arranges itself around them. This year, the summer’s been like a movie playing in the background.”

She went on: “I’ve kept working pretty much since tour ended, spending long days in a dark room, my brain buzzing like a fluorescent tube, eyes watering when I step back into the light.”

Lorde 'Oceanic Feeling' music video
Lorde in the ‘Oceanic Feeling’ music video. Credit: Lorde/YouTube

The comments come after Lorde said back in June that she’s “getting nearer” to writing nothing but “bangers” again.

‘Solar Power’ saw the artist move away from the all out euphoria of 2017’s ‘Melodrama’ to create something more introspective and delicate. Speaking at the third and final night of her residency at London’s Roundhouse in early June, Lorde revealed she’d been “thinking about bangers.”

“It’s so interesting to me how writing a big, bright pop song has been the thing that’s defined my life. This thing I started trying to do when I was 14-years-old because I would turn on the radio and love that feeling, what it did to me. It became like an addiction, I just wanted to keep trying to construct the perfect thing that would hit you in the heart emotionally, over three-and-a-half minutes,” she explained.


NME gave Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ five stars in a review last year, calling it “a dazzling hat-trick from a master of her craft.”

“This is an album that grows in quiet stature with every listen, new nuggets of wisdom making their way to the surface, peeking through its beautiful instrumentation that weaves a stunning, leafy tapestry,” the review said.