Lucy Clue’s Magnetic Summer Anthem Is A Must-Hear

“In Your Eyes” is here to sweep you off your feet! Lucy Clue is on the move with ecstatic, positive music, sharing her passion and energy with her audience. With some stunning soundscapes and urban-sounding percussion, the melody leads the way into the world of romance in which the artist tells us about her true feelings—ones that cannot be contained any longer.

Influenced by the greats in the pop and hip-hop genres, Lucy Clue knows exactly how to make a crowd cheer. Curly hair, southern temperament and tattoos—you can’t not fall in love with this artist and her incredible character, exuding so much personality and realness. She has previously been compared to Lady Gaga and Doja Cat with “In Your Eyes” sounding especially like the former. Find out for yourself by listening down below!

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