‘M3GAN’ is getting an erotic thriller spin-off, ‘SOULM8TE’

A M3GAN spin-off titled SOULM8TE is in the works – find out more below.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Blumhouse has announced SOULM8TE, an erotic thriller set in the M3GAN universe. While a cast has yet to be announced, the film has received a January 2, 2026 release date via Universal and will see Kate Dolan (You Are Not My Mother) direct.

SOULM8TE will reportedly tell the story of a man who purchases an AI-operated android in the hopes of getting over the death of his wife. In an attempt to turn the android into a sentient being, he unknowingly births a monster, much like the titular character in M3GAN.

‘M3GAN’. CREDIT: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures

M3GAN – an abbreviation of Model 3 Generative Android – was the key antagonist of the 2023 horror film, directed by Gerard Johnstone.

The film stars Williams as Gemma, a workaholic roboticist who struggles to raise her niece Cady after her parents died in a car accident. Gemma believes her problems can all be solved when she finishes designing M3GAN, a humanoid doll with artificial intelligence to be a friend and protector to Cady. However, things start to go wrong when M3GAN begins taking her prime directive to protect Cady to murderous extremes.

The film premiered to rave reviews, scoring a four-star rating at NME, with Nick Levine branding M3GAN as “an icon, a legend, and the moment”. The film has scored an upcoming sequel, titled M3GAN 2.0, which was originally slarted to premiere in January 2025 but has since been delayed to May 2025, per Collider.


In other news, you can now pre-order a life-sized replica of the M3GAN doll for USD$500.However, unlike the film it’s based on, NECA’s replicas won’t come with animatronics or any form of circuitry… or its killer intent.