Madonna producer William Orbit praises leaked unreleased songs and shares “dream” of working with her again

Madonna producer William Orbit has praised a leaked album of the pop icon’s unreleased songs and has shared his “dream” of working together again.

Orbit previously worked with Madonna, producing her seventh LP ‘Ray Of Light’. Upon its release, the album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, with the biggest first-week sales by a female artist at the time. It also peaked at number one in 17 countries.

Taking to X/Twitter, the producer shared a link to an album of Madonna’s leaked, unreleased tracks. “Cripes, where did this individual find all this? They know their stuff. Am really enjoying. Suppose all involved put it out there at one point or other. But I’d forgotten a lot of it. And prompted by that, have been turning up a few others in my vault,” he wrote.


He continued: “I sometimes close my eyes and dream of creating another ‘Ray of Light’ album with her, and with all her children, who are so ‘right’ in the mix. “The Hills are alive with the sound of the . . . Ciccone Family!”. With a little help from a Ferrari member (my maternal side). Ahhh. But with a tour till the Autumn, with Brazil now bolted on etc, that’s unlikely. It’s very hard graft, to do it every night and give it everything.”

Orbit then went on to describe himself as a Madonna “stan”, saying that it’s weird due to his long involvement with the icon but he has “now become a true fanboy. In a way I wasn’t before.”

Madonna is currently on her ‘Celebration Tour’. In a five-star review of one of the singer’s live gigs in London last OctoberNME wrote: “The whole thing is a thrilling reminder that Madonna isn’t just a pop star, but also a cultural force who genuinely changed the world by chafing against what society expects from women in the public eye.

“That’s something worth celebrating in the dazzling, dynamic and at times slightly discombobulating way she presents it here. Really, you wouldn’t have her any other way.”

In other news, fans have recently sued the pop icon over delayed concert times because they had to “get up early to go to work”.


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On Wednesday (January 17), two ticket buyers, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden filed a complaint alleging that the singer had breached her contract with attendees and violated New York state laws by beginning her concert on December 13 at 10:30PM rather than the stipulated 8:30PM timing.

Elsewhere, Madonna apologised to fans during the Toronto date of her ongoing ‘Celebration’ tour – which her shows at Barclays Center were also part of – after she mistakenly greeted her audience by saying: “Are you ready, Boston?”

Later in the show, she added: “Are you guys mad at me cuz I said ‘Hello, Boston’? I’m sorry. What kind of fucked up shit is that? That would be like if you guys were saying, ‘Hey, Lady Gaga’s playing tonight!’”