‘Mare Of Easttown’ could be coming back for a second season

A second season of HBO drama Mare Of Easttown might be in the works, as executives reveal they might “start thinking of building something”.

The Kate Winslet-led drama, which concluded in 2021, received high acclaim from critics and audiences, particularly praising the series’ characters, acting and representation of women.

The series was awarded multiple awards, including Emmy Awards for acting for Winslet, Julianne Nicholson and Evan Peters.

As such, many fans were hoping for a second season of the series, which was written by Brad Ingelsby and Craig Zobel.


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Now, it seems there might be a possibility of a second season, according to comments made by HBO’s head of drama, Francesca Orsi.

Speaking with Variety for their cover story on Winslet, Orsi said that the team “did run to have discussions about a Season 2” following the show’s success at the Emmys. However, she added that at the time “it did feel too soon”.


Now, she has shared: “While there’s nothing in the works, we are having early discussions about whether it might be time to start thinking of building something.”

She continued: “We might be willing to figure out with Mare, years later, picking her up — not on the heels of where she ended, but there have been years for the character that have passed. Who is she now?”

Orsi added that she plans to speak with Winslet and Ingelsby to “see if there’s any viability to everyone saying yes again.”

Shortly after the show wrapped, HBO’s chief Casey Bloys hinted at a possibility of a second season, telling Variety: “Brad and Kate and the producers are all talking to see if they think there’s a place to go.”


He continued: “I think we’ll hear from them in a couple of weeks if they think that it’s a story worth telling, and they’re excited by.

“I’m excited to hear and see what they have to say,” Bloys added.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet in ‘Mare Of Easttown’ CREDIT: HBO

Back in December 2021, Winslet spoke about the possibility of a second season, suggesting that it could include a focus on police brutality.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be playing Mare again,” Winslet said. “But if we were to do a second season, then for sure these atrocities which have existed in the police force here and in America will find their way into the stories we tell.”

In a four-star review of the series, NME wrote about Winslet’s character: “Grumpy, bullish and beaten down after years of tragedy, Sheehan is one of Winslet’s bleakest characters yet. She’s also one of her best.”

“Come for the smalltown mystery that grips as much as it depresses. Stay for the magnetic performance from a real screen legend.”

In other news, Titanic and Avatar: The Way Of Water director James Cameron has responded to the rumours of a past rift between himself and Winslet.