Mark Tuan’s new GPT-powered AI “Digital Twin” polarises fans

Taiwanese-American singer Mark Tuan, also a member of K-pop boyband GOT7, has launched his new GPT-powered AI “Digital Twin”.

The new AI version of the K-pop singer, dubbed “Digital Mark”, is in collaboration with technology company Soul Machines, and uses OpenAI’s GPT integration. Digital Mark will allow fans to have “unique one-on-one conversations” with the singer’s “Digital Twin”. It comes nearly a year after Tuan first revealed that he would be working with Soul Machines on this project.

“I’m excited that my fans will meet and talk with Digital Mark, and through him get to connect with me on a new level,” Mark Tuan said in a press release, per PR Newswire. “I’ve long been interested in emerging technology, especially when it comes to innovative and exciting ways to engage with my fans.”


“I’m also thrilled that through my new Digital Twin, I’ll soon be able to talk to my fans in multiple languages, which will help spread my music even further across the globe,” he added. In the press release, Souls Machines noted that Korean and Japanese language capabilities will launch in late-2023.

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“It’s exciting to work with forward-thinking partners like Mark Tuan who understand how technology can help elevate their brand and their fan engagement to another level,” said Greg Cross, CEO of Soul Machines.

“While Digital Mark is the first Digital Celebrity Twin of its kind, we’re only at the beginning of how autonomous animation will reshape how individuals across the globe interact with celebrities and brands,” he added.

​However, fans of Tuan have had a mixed reception to the singer’s new “Digital Twin”, with some saying that it’s “just weird” and “straight out of a Black Mirror episode”. Meanwhile, others have said that “this is the future, let’s be honest”.