Matthew Perry wanted to make a semi-autobiographical superhero project called ‘Mattman’

Friends actor Matthew Perry wanted to make a semi-autobiographical superhero project called Mattman with Adam McKay, it’s been revealed.

The actor, best known for his role as Chandler Bing in hit sitcom Friends, was found dead in his Los Angeles home on 28 October, aged 54. Perry was laid to rest at a private funeral in the city on 3 November.

McKay, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, said he had discussed the Mattman project with Perry while working with him on Don’t Look Up.

“It’s about this guy,” McKay remembered Perry pitching him. “You’d recognise him. His name is Matt and he’s very famous and about 50 years old. His life is a little bit of a mess. He’s lost. Out of the blue a distant relative dies and leaves him $2 billion — and he uses [it] to become a superhero.”

McKay went on to say Perry saw himself in the main role.

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry – CREDIT: Getty

McKay continued: “My idea was just to do a show about being this incredibly popular, well-known TV guy who’s dealing with addiction…a fictional version of what you’ve struggled with…The idea that everywhere you go, people yell your catchphrases a little bit of your past, the addiction, what it’s like, because everyone views you through this lens of this cheery, bright, multicolored show.

“And then, meanwhile, you’re a human being who’s dealing with real addiction, real pain. It could be an incredible show. It could be really funny. It could really affect people’s lives.”

McKay went on to say he thought Perry’s idea could have found an audience today. “The world has changed. You could actually do that show now,” he continued. “Ten years ago, people would have said you’re crazy. But now people can be more upfront about their mental health issues, their addiction issues, and it’s kind of wonderful.”

Earlier today (November 10), Perry’s official death certificate was released by the Los Angeles County Department Of Public Health.

According to E! News, the certificate states that his cause of death is still “deferred” following the latest reports that his initial autopsy results were inconclusive. The toxicology report has since confirmed that his death was not caused by a methamphetamine or fentanyl overdose.