Mclusky surprise fans by releasing first new material in 19 years

Welsh post-hardcore outfit Mclusky have returned with four new songs, their first material in nearly two decades.

The band, who have reformed under a number of guises in the last five years since breaking up in 2005,  have shared a AA-side single called ‘Unpopular Parts Of A Pig / The Digger You Deep’ AA-side and teased a full comeback album.

In a statement about the comeback songs, frontman Andrew Falkous wrote: “at the above link are four mclusky songs, newly recorded and flattened into shape – the first release since 2004 (you can use the calculator on your phone to find out that’s nineteen years, which is the lifecycle of four hairstyles).


“the first two songs, ‘unpopular parts of a pig’ and ‘the digger you deep’ should make the album we are releasing next year (we’re hopefully finishing up the recording in february). anyway, medium story short, we’re hoping to rearrange our US dates for march of next year and need to raise money for visas hence this here, now, at this price.

“if it’s a bit steep for you at the moment drop me a message and we’ll figure something out.”

Listen to the tracks below.

In a statement about their comeback tour of North America last year, the band wrote: “Having formed in the late nineteen-nineties and releasing music, if that is what it was, from 2000-2004, mclusky disbanded soon afterwards in a slow motion farce of not enough drama to get press off the back of it.

“now they are back – well, most of them – fuelled initially by spite but now enjoying it too much not to do it, playing to crowds in the uk and australia which are much bigger – and more hygienically inclined – than in their so-called heyday. so far nobody has complained, except for one guy in leeds (and he was clearly on ketamine). they are writing new music, some of which may be released, if they decide it is good enough, whilst currently touting around the 20 year old album ‘do dallas’ like a valuable chicken.”


The band had to cancel the second leg of the tour due to illness, and the release of the new songs come to raise funds for visas so they can return to finish the tour.