Meet the cast of ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3

Netflix’s South Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno has finally returned with its highly-anticipated third season – here’s everything you need to know about the new cast.

As with previous seasons of Single’s Inferno, the series sees a cast of attractive singles travelling to a remote island called “inferno” as they search for romantic connections.

However, cast members are not allowed to share personal details like their ages and occupations with one another until they have successfully paired up with another contestant for a night’s stay in “paradise”.

Here’s everyone that’s been introduced on Single’s Inferno season 3 so far:

Kim Gyu-ri


The first cast member to be introduced is Kim Gyu-ri, who is a 28-year-old model who primarily works with fashion and beauty brands. According to posts on her Instagram account (@citruszl), Kim was also a participant in Miss Korea 2022.

Choi Hye-seon

The next cast member to be introduced is Choi Hye-seon, a 26-year-old college student at the prestigious Ewha Women’s University. She majors in bioinformatics in the Life Sciences department, and has previously attended Durham University.

Per her Instagram account (@hazelchoiii), she has also modelled for fashion and beauty brands in Korea.

Choi Min-woo

The first male cast member to appear is Choi Min-woo, who describes himself as “shy and introverted” on the show. He has since shared that he is 24 years old, and works as a model. Posts on his Instagram account (@choimin_woo) reveal that he has walked the runway for several brands, and appeared in a shoot for Esquire Hong Kong.


Lee Jin-seok

31-year-old Lee Jin-seok is the founder and owner of several cafes in the city of Daegu, where he creates various desserts. From the looks of his Instagram page (@seok_lj), Lee also personally takes charge of brewing coffee and even furnishing his cafes.

An Min-young

An Min-young is a 26-year-old pilates instructor who owns and runs her very own studio, where she also holds one-on-one sessions with clients. According to her Instagram posts (@my_floria_) and YouTube channel, she also has some modelling experience, and was crowned Miss Korea Busan 2023.

Lee Gwan-hee

The oldest contestant in the series, 36-year-old Lee Gwan-hee is a professional basketball player for the LG Sakers, where he plays the shooting guard position. His Instagram (@leegwanhee0429) are mainly about his games and various sponsorships, as well as his love for food.

Son Won-ik

One of the show’s later additions, 31 year old Son Won-ik works as a realtor, and provides consultations for premium properties in prime locations in Seoul. He hasalso  uploaded several blogs on his YouTube channel, and his Instagram page (@hiwonik) features shots from his occasional modelling jobs, and documents several marathons he has participated in.

Yun Ha-bin

Yun Ha-bin is an actor, and currently plays a minor role in the ongoing K-drama My Demon – as he has revealed on Instagram (@yunhxvin). Little is known about Yu at this point, though he has expressed his desire to “shake things up” on the show.

Yun Ha-jeong

26-year-old Yun Ha-jeong is an office worker for a medical clothing company, where she is in charge of customer service and order purchases. Her Instagram page (@hi_jjeong2) also suggests that she has dabbled in some modelling work.

Park Min-kyu

Park Min-kyu is a police officer who is part of the Korea Coast Guard Special Rescue Team. On Instagram (@ssrt_mk), Park showcases his strong swimming abilities and rescue skills, which are essential to him as a first responder to maritime incidents.

Yu Si-eun

At 27 years old, Yu Si-eun works as a model for wedding, fashion and beauty brands, as shown on her Instagram page (@yoo_si). She was the runner-up of Miss Korea 2022, and Yu’s posts put her at a variety of events, from film festivals to baseball games.

Cho Min-ji

Introduced halfway through the season in episode five, 26-year-old Cho Min-ji is an aspiring news anchor who currently majors in Economics at Ewha Women’s University. Like several of her fellow castmates, Cho was a former Miss Korea contestant according to her Instagram page (@joymingzi_).