mimiirose go on a secret mission in new ‘Flirting’ music video

Rookie K-pop girl group mimiirose have made a comeback with their new single ‘Flirting’.

On September 14 at 6pm KST, the five-member girl group made their first comeback with their second single album ‘Live’, led by its title track ‘Flirting’. The accompanying music video follow mimiirose as they conduct a secret mission to capture a hacker, which results in the group being chased by a team of agents.

My heart feels like it’s going to explode / I’m melting, I’m melting / Like an ice cream, flirting no way / Hold on to your heart babe / No one can save me / You’ll be trapped inside me,” they sing in the chorus.


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mimiirose’s new single album ‘Live’ also includes the B-sides ‘Tipsy’ and ‘A-Ok’, as well as an instrumental version of ‘Flirting’. The new record comes nearly a year after the group made their debut with the single album ‘Awesome’ in September 2022.

A week prior to the release of ‘Live’, the quintet also released a special acoustic version of ‘Flirting’ on their official YouTube channel. However, that version has not been made available on streaming platforms.

The group’s lineup includes former Girls Planet 999 contestant Yoon Ji-a, former My Teenage Girl contestant Seo Yun-ju, and members Inn Hyo-ri, Choi Yeon-jae and Han Ye-won.

mimiirose are the first girl group to debut under YES IM Entertainment, which is led by singer-songwriter Im Chang-jung. The act had made their first public appearance at one of Im’s concerts in July 2022.