New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert to undergo surgery after discovery of new spinal tumour

New Found Glory‘s Chad Gilbert has confirmed that he is undergoing surgery today (August 16) after doctors found a Pheochromocytoma tumour in his spine.

The guitarist previously received treatment for cancer last year, during which he had “half a liver, a gallbladder and one adrenal gland” removed.

After declaring in January that he was “cancer-free”, Gilbert has now told his fans that he is set to undergo further surgery following the discovery of a new tumour.


“Was having really intense bad back pain on tour (which can happen from jumping around carrying a heavy guitar),” he wrote on Instagram yesterday (August 15). “I flew home early for an MRI. Unfortunately we found a new Pheochromocytoma tumour in the 12th vertebrae of my spine pinching on my nerve bad. I’ll be headed into surgery tomorrow to get almost all of it out then hit what’s left with some fancy radiation.

“Scary stuff but it’s all about the little wins. Each day we’ve been having fun in the hospital and feel lucky with so many things and God’s timing with all of this. If I didn’t go on tour and inflame my tumour, I wouldn’t have known early enough it was there! Then my band’s love and support got me home to get scanned. Knowing me, if pain is making me not play a show, it’s bad.”

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Gilbert added that “we also discovered I have some very tiny nodules on my lungs, but my amazing team feel very confident that it’s manageable and at an early stage compared to where I was last time”.

“My vitals and heart are great this time,” he continued. “Moving forward with today’s amazing technology, I can be on a lifelong treatment that just keeps it all at bay. Like living with an illness but it’s not life-threatening. I no longer have to guess if it will return and can just relax.

“So I ask for all the prayers, hopes, fingers crossed, or whatever you do for people you care about in times like these. For my rock solid angel of a wife @lisacimorelli and our beautiful dream of a baby, Lily Gilbert. Hoping to be home recovering Friday or Saturday!”


New Found Glory have confirmed that they will resume touring next month in the US, with three headline shows in Philadelphia, Asbury Park and Buffalo set to take place.