Nicki Minaj announces October release date for fifth album

Nicki Minaj‘s anticipated fifth album finally has a release date.

The rapper took to social media last night (June 5) to announce the record’s release date, confirming that it will launch in October. “10/20/23 The Album,” Minaj wrote on Twitter.

It is currently unclear if the album is being titled ‘The Album’, or if that’s a placeholder until it is revealed at a later date.


Further information surrounding the album, including its tracklist and featured artists currently remain unknown.

Minaj’s last album, ‘Queen’, was released in August 2018. It spawned several major hits, such as ‘Good Form’, ‘Chun-Li’ and ‘Barbie Dreams’. Since ‘Queen’, Minaj has released several singles, including last August’s viral ‘Super Freaky Girl’ and March’s ‘Red Ruby Da Sleeze’ alongside a number of collaborations with Kim Petras, Ice Spice and more.

‘Queen’ scored a three-star review from NME‘s Carl Anka, who wrote: “‘Queen’ *almost* works as a two-way effort from Nicki Minaj, one part reclamation of her position at hip-hop’s top table and one part raising the bar for any pretenders looking to take a seat. Unfortunately, in trying to take on all comers at once, there are parts of Queen that few like an overreach. There is a better ten track effort hiding in Queen, but you get the impression Nicki kept tracks like ‘Miami’ to hedge her bets in a bid for streaming success. The ‘Queen’ is back, but only just.”

In March, Nicki Minaj announced the upcoming launch of her own record label as a Republic Records subsidiary. While the rapper has yet to announce the name of the label, she teased several names on her roster. These include Nana Fofie, Tate Kobang, Rico Danna and London Hill.

Minaj said of her label, “When I get behind an artist, y’all know how I do shit for people that’s not even signed to me. Imagine what Imma do for the ones that’s signed”. The label will also branch out to include genres outside of rap, as Minaj explains: “Don’t think my label is just rap, or Black, or anything. We got some other genres of music.”