Nicki Minaj drops confident new track ‘Bahm Bahm’

Nicki Minaj has dropped a surprise new song, ‘Bahm Bahm’.

The track was uploaded exclusively to Minaj’s website and features the rapper on characteristically sassy form, on which she declares: “There I go again, kickin’ some dumb flow,” before she raps in the chorus: “They say my price ridiculous / I don’t like them bitches / Pussy tight and vicious / Hit them likes to lick this (bahm, bahm) / Screamin’, ‘Fuck the opposition.’”

On Thursday (October 12), Minaj asked fans which of three songs they wanted to hear. Alongside ‘Bahm Bahm’, she also offered options of unnamed collaborations with Juice WRLD and Future.


All three options seemed to be popular at first, leading Minaj to add in a further post: “Lol it’s a tie y’all. I can’t make this up. Look. Keeping the polls open for another 3 hours. If it’s a tie then, it’s a tie.”

Minaj later revealed that there were other factors aside from the poll that went into deciding what song she should release next.

“There’s a winner [trophy emoji],” Minaj wrote. “It was based on MANY deciding factors in addition to the 2 polls. It’ll appear shortly on the music player on my website. More surprises coming. Huge. But let’s just enjoy a cute bop & meet up next #PinkFriday…same time, same place. Gag city.”

Check out ‘Bahm Bahm’ below:


[embedded content]

Minaj later clarified that the new track isn’t going to appear on the tracklist of her forthcoming album ‘Pink Friday 2’ and resisted the idea that it was a single.

Instead, she described it as “A limited time FREE website release as a gift to my core fans & everyone who cared enough to participate. I appreciate you guys helping me to make this an ICONic & VERY memorable #PinkFridayThe13th

“But no. Not a single. Will never EVER be a single,” she wrote in another post.

She later added: “Why do y’all like it? I’d say it’s the least lyrical song out of everything I recorded, tbh… but hey. That just means the album will give y’all everything y’all ever wanted in life. I’m so serious.”

‘Pink Friday 2’, the sequel album to Minaj’s 2010 debut album, will be released on November 17. It is her fifth record and her first in five years following ‘Queen’.

It is set to feature the single ‘Last Time I Saw You’, which came out last month.