Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen reveals cancer diagnosis, will undergo surgery

Nightwish singer Floor Jansen, who has fronted the Finnish symphonic metal band for almost a decade, has revealed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jansen disclosed the news in a letter to fans that was shared to Twitter yesterday (October 26), saying she was diagnosed a little over two weeks ago and will undergo surgery today to remove the tumour. “My prognosis is very good,” Jansen wrote.

“It seems to be a non-aggressive cancer, which seems to not have spread. I will keep my breast. And I will be cancer free after this surgery, plus a local radiation treatment that will take place three months after this surgery, hopefully,” she continued, adding that she will “know more after the surgery to see if this positive prognosis stands”.


“The word cancer is a shocker. All that you found important in life before this diagnosis changes radically within minutes. Now I just want to be healthy again. I want to see my daughter grow into a woman; I want to live!” Jansen wrote.

“The scariest part of this diagnosis is that I thought I was healthy! I didn’t feel the cancer, I didn’t know it was there until I, as a 40+ woman, went to a standard mammogram checkup. Something many countries offer, for free even for the lucky ones.”

Jansen went on to use her statement to encourage regular screenings. “A mammogram is lifesaving! It’s uncomfortable and you might think that you won’t have something in your breasts anyway but GO!” she said. “And for the men reading this: remind your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister to geo and get checked. Even without the luxury I as a western woman experience with free mammogram checkups: GO!

“Luckily, there are many organizations that offer information about self-detection if you do not have access or funds for a mammogram,” Jansen added. “If I might inspire you to take good care of yourself, then something good will come out of this cancer diagnosis.”

Jansen concluded her letter by saying that if “all goes as planned” she will be “up and running” in time for a European tour Nightwish are planning to embark on from November 20. “I am optimistic since my prognosis is good! I promise to take good care of myself.”


Jansen joined Nightwish as a permanent member in 2013, after the band parted ways with previous vocalist Anette Olzon. Jansen made her recorded debut with Nightwish on their 2015 album ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’, and appeared again on their most recent album, 2020’s ‘Human. :II: Nature.’