Nintendo announces ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ orchestra concert

Nintendo has announced that it will be streaming both a Legend Of Zelda concert and a Splatoon concert next month.

The concerts were originally supposed to take place at two different Nintendo Live events which were scheduled to take place on December 16-17 2023 and January 20-21 2024 respectively.

However, the events were both cancelled due to “persistent threats targeting our employees”, with the announcement of the cancellation spotted by Eurogamer. In a translated version of the full statement by VGC, Nintendo explained their reasoning for the cancellation.

Splatoon 3. Credit: Nintendo.
Splatoon 3. Credit: Nintendo.

“Our company has been persistently receiving threatening behaviour targeting our staff. Recently, these threats have extended to the audience and staff of the Splatoon Koshien 2023 National Finals event as well. With consideration to the safety of our customers as a our top priority, we have decided to postpone the event,” the statement read.

“Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo has been cancelled due to the inability to ensure the safety of our customers.”

As announced on X (formerly Twitter), the concert for The Legend Of Zelda franchise will be pre-recorded, and will be uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel on February 9. Meanwhile, the Splatoon 3 Deep Cut concert will take place on February 10, a day later, and will also be uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel.

NME reviewed Splatoon 3 when it released, with our reviewer calling it “messy and marvellous”.

Splatoon 3 is an excellent addition to one of Nintendo’s most creative series. An entertaining campaign delivers fun for all ages, assuming you can pull yourself away from Turf War for five minutes, while the world of Splatsville is a vibrant and immersive treat,” our reviewer wrote.


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