Noel Gallagher discusses who would play an Oasis reunion line-up

Noel Gallagher has shared who he thinks would play in an Oasis reunion line-up if that day is to ever come.

The musician, who released his latest High Flying Birds album ‘Council Skies’ back in June, was speaking in a Q&A at The Rose Theatre in Kingston on Wednesday (August 23) where he took questions from the audience.

Asked which past Oasis members might make the cut if the band was to reform, he shared: “So me…Liam…Well, it’s a funny thing because we’re all at a certain age now.


“Hair was a thing in Oasis, so we’ll have to see what everybody’s hair is looking like.”

“I’m in no matter what. This is not fucking going anywhere,” he joked, pulling at his own hair. “I don’t know. Look. Me, Liam and a load of fucking fit birds.”

While the musician responded in jest, reunion rumours have continued to swirl recently. Blur’s Graham Coxon last year said he’d be up for trying to get their ’90s Britpop rivals back together, while Damon Albarn has gone so far as to say he would “put money” on them finally reuniting.

Albarn then doubled down in July, saying that he believes the “road is clear” for an Oasis reunion. His comments came as Blur themselves began their own comeback tour in their hometown of Colchester.

Three years ago, in a cover interview with NMELiam Gallagher said that an Oasis reunion was “gonna happen very soon”. Back in January this year, Noel then claimed that he would “never say never” to the idea. However, shortly after Liam accused his brother of doing “a lot of damage” to the brand.


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Speaking to NME In Conversation recently about the comeback shows of Blur and Pulp, Noel said: “Blur never split up, did they? Pulp never split up, they just went and did other things, which is the adult way of doing it. Sadly my fucking band were very far from adult about it. It was a bit more crash and burn.”

Asked if Oasis had ever been made any offers for a Britpop reunion package tour with other bands – even a cruise, perhaps – Noel said that “inevitably, it will happen”, but that “there’s never really been a serious offer about ‘The Big O’ getting back together, but there you go”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Noel revealed what he considers to be the “flaws” in each of the albums he has made – both with Oasis and solo with The High Flying Birds.

Next year, Liam plans to play Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ in full for the 30th anniversary.

“As it’s 30 years since [‘Definitely Maybe’] was released nxt year I’m gonna be playing the album from start to finish in its original order at a few BIBLICAL venues,” he wrote on Twitter.