NOFX announce potentially their last album and share new single ‘Darby Crashing Your Party’

NOFX have announced their new record ‘Double Album’, a follow-up to this February’s ‘Single Album’, to be released on December 2.

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Having announced earlier this month that they intend to break up in 2023, it is likely that the album will be the band’s final release.

The announcement comes along with a new single titled ‘Darby Crashing Your Party’, an homage to the late Germs frontman Darby Crash.


In a press release, NOFX frontman Fat Mike described the album as “maybe our funniest” release.

“You have to laugh at everything because the world is just falling apart and you have to have a good attitude not to take things seriously,” he said.

“So this is how I’ve always done it. I make people laugh every day. I usually do it in a self-deprecating way, it’s just how I go through life: I have as much fun as I can. That’s what life is — trying to find all the happiness you can. And spreading happiness. Which is what I feel like is supposed to be my job in life — spreading joy.”

Fat Mike previously revealed the band’s plans to disband next year in an Instagram comment earlier this month.

Responding to a comment on one of his recent Instagram posts, Fat Mike wrote: “Next year will be [NOFX’s] last year. We will be announcing our final shows soon. It’s been an amazing run…”

The revelation came after a follower had asked Mike – real name Michael Burkett – why the group “barely come to Canada” to play live shows. After fans picked up on the news, another user asked if NOFX would be performing in LA before breaking up.


Fat Mike replied: “Los Angeles will be the last place we play. It’s where we started, it’s where we’ll end.” You can see the post in question below.