Paramore announce artists for ‘This Is Why’ remix album – featuring Foals, Wet Leg, Julien Baker and more

Paramore have announced the artists that will be featured on their “almost remix” album, ‘Re: This Is Why’.

The band have been teasing a release to coincide with the first anniversary of the album’s title track since last week. They confirmed the release of a companion piece to ‘This Is Why’, featuring remixes, reimaginings and rewritten tracks, as well as collaborations. It will land on Friday (October 6).

They have now released the tracklist along with every collaborator that will be featured on ‘Re: This Is Why’. The LP will see the likes of  Foals, The Linda Lindas, Panda Bear, Zane Lowe, Wet Leg, Domi & JD Beck, Remi Wolf, Bartees Strange, Romy, Claud and Julien Baker take on a track from the album and make it their own,


The LP will also feature a demo for the song ‘Sanity’. Check out the full tracklist down below to see which artist is remixing which song.

“We’ve long wanted to recognize the connection we have with some of the artists who’ve influenced us as a band and/or who have cited our band as an influence,” Paramore wrote on X/Twitter.

They continued: “Re: This Is Why is almost a remix album. Some of the songs have been remixed sort of classically, while others were reworked or rewritten. It’s incredible to hear all our worlds colliding. Out 10/6.”

‘Re: This Is Why’  tracklist is

1. This Is Why (Re: Foals)
2. ‘The News (Re:The Linda Lindas)’
3. ‘Running Out Of Time (Re:Panda Bear)’
4. ‘Running Out Of Time (Re:Zane Lowe)’
5. ‘C’est Comme Ça (Re: Wet Leg)’
6. ‘Big Man, Little Dignity (Re: Domi & JD Beck)’
7. ‘You First (Re:Remi Wolf)’
8. ‘Figure 8 (Re: Bartees Strange)’
9. ‘Liar (Re: Romy)’
10. ‘Crave (Re: Claud)’
11. ‘Thick Skull (Re: Julien Baker)’
12. ‘Sanity (demo)’


Foals will be remixing the album’s title track. Last year, Paramore front woman Hayley Williams praised the English rock band’s evolution during an episode of her podcast Everything Is Emo.

“I really respect this band’s journey and how they continue to evolve. I think it takes a lot of guts too,” she said. “I think of every time we’ve gone home to write a new album, or we have an album in the can but haven’t presented it to the world, it’s a really scary feeling.”

She continued: “It can be nerve-wracking to present yourself in a new way and essentially, grow in front of the world. Any time a band re-emerges with a new picture, a new frame of mind, I think it’s courageous and cool and I’m really enjoying their evolution.”

In other news, Williams confirmed last month that the trio have been back in the studio. “Zac, Taylor and I just want to get back to making things,” she said at the time.

“We’ve been craving that for a while now. Not only the creative process but the layer[s] of insulation that can come with the creative process.”