Paramore cuts ex-members out of group photo for ‘Brand New Eyes’ anniversary

Paramore celebrated the 14th anniversary of their third album ‘Brand New Eyes’ this week, but two former members of the band were cropped out of a photo of them from the time of its release.

“HBD, BNE,” the group wrote via X, formerly known as Twitter, but the accompanying photo featured only vocalist Hayley Williams, drummer Zac Farro and guitarist Taylor York.

Guitarist Josh Farro and bassist Jeremy Davis also played on the band’s 2009 album, and it was the last to feature the Farro brothers before they left the band under rather acrimonious circumstances in 2010. In a blog post at the time, Josh said that the rest of the band was treated differently than Williams and were “riding on the coattails of ‘Hayley’s dream.’”


Farro said back in 2016 that he and the band were back on speaking terms but ruled out ever making a return. However, in 2020, Williams affirmed Paramore’s pro-LGBTQ+ stance after a comment made by Farro in which homosexuality is called “a perversion” began circulating on social media.

“There’s a reason there are only 3 people left in Paramore. Surprise, haters, it ain’t cause of me,” Williams wrote.

Zac Farro later rejoined Paramore in 2017.

Meanwhile, Davis was a member of Paramore until 2015, and filed a lawsuit in 2016 against the band claiming he was a partner in Varoom Whoa, the legal entity owned by Williams that operates the band’s business. The suit was settled the following year.

Meanwhile, Paramore fans are speculating over what appear to be two upcoming new remixes from the band.


Two audio clips have since emerged on Paramore’s Discord server, suggesting the first releases will instead be new remixes of the tracks ‘Liar’ and ‘You First’ from the aforementioned record.

The snippet of the reimagined ‘Liar’ seems to feature the vocals of Romy from The xx. As for the fresh take on ‘You First’, the consensus among fans is that Remi Wolf is singing on the cut.