Perfect Time To Play “Must Be February” By Mac-K

Smooth and vibey, Mac-K’s new single “Must Be February” will have you wishing for a sweetheart of your own! It’s the perfect gangsta romance story encapsulated in a short and on point song and music video, which you can check out below! “Creating Music is expressive for me. It’s therapeutic for me to speak about certain thoughts. Overall, it’s a passion I enjoy mastering…I have a reputation of being a realist, being genuine and authentic with the things I do musically. I’m not afraid to be true to myself,” Mac-K says about his art.

Mac-K has already collaborated with notable artists like lil 2z, John Wells, Shawdi P, Ill Eaarl, and within only a few years has released five full-length albums: No Kap No Skully, Dumbruay VS. The world, The Wait Tape, Art of a Stepper, and his latest Tip of the spear Deluxe, which dropped on December 24, 2022. The rapper is working on his clothing brand that’s soon to debut a new collection, as well as his acting career. Mac-K will be appearing in several films coming out in 2023.