Phoenix tease their new album is coming soon: “Done in the studio”

Phoenix have teased that fans won’t have to wait much longer for their next album, revealing that they are now “done in the studio” and have “new music coming”.

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The French band, who returned recently with the song ‘Alpha Zulu’, have been working on their seventh album. It will be the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Ti Amo’ and has been described by the group as a “weird Frankenstein of an album”.

According to a press release, ‘Alpha Zulu’ foreshadows the sound of Phoenix’s upcoming album, hinting at “bold new sonic horizons.”


In a tweet shared earlier today (August 30) the band wrote “Done in the studio – new music coming” alongside a video of bassist Deck d’Arcy playing a riff in a recording room.

The band shared the music video for their latest single in June and also posted details of a North American and European tour. It kicks off in on September 6 at St. Paul’s Palace Theatre in Minnesota, US before wrapping at Paris’ Olympia venue on November 29.

Last year, the four-piece shared a standalone single called ‘Identical’. According to singer Thomas Mars, ‘Identical’, which was released as part of the On The Rocks OST, will make it on a forthcoming album “somehow”.

At the time of the song’s arrival, Mars offered an update on what the band’s upcoming album might sound like. “There’s no coherence, and it’s a little bit like our first record, maybe, ‘United’, which had songs that would explore heavy metal and then country music.”

Mars added: “This is the same sort of weird Frankenstein of an album.”


Phoenix have not confirmed a release date nor a title for their seventh album.