PM Lowe Finally Shares His Much-Awaited Album Vengeance

American up-and-coming rapper PM Lowe drops his anticipated new album Vengeance. The 14-track record includes the recently released single “Back At It” and other A-list songs like “The Score,” “Mother’s Day,” “Diamond Dogs,” “Fish Tail,” “Rotational,” “Twisted,” “Common Ground,” and “Fall From Grace.”

Including collaborations with Greg Kyng, Valdrin Lamont, TreGotti, Mika Ceylon, and Dezzy Yates, Vengeance is the soundtrack for all ages and times. PM Lowe reveals that he has been working on the album “for at least a year. If not a full year, then it’s 10-11 months max. Some songs I might’ve sat on from the last project and reworked them to fit my current mood and sound and some were just new material altogether.”

Speaking of the creative process of the LP, Lowe admits that he bared his heart out on this new record. “I wanted to go for a more personal experience, even though the first few tracks are about me, I flip it and want to make it about the listener. I want this to serve as a soundtrack throughout your day,” says the artist. 

He also adds, “There are skits on there that represent someone going through their day, as if my music is just so happening to play around you in these moments. Pulling up with the homies to cruise and chill? I got you. Going to the club outside of town? Got you. Seeing that one ex in said club or any uptempo environment? Yeah, got something for you as well.”

Influenced by Eminem, Kanye, Jay-Z, The Neptunes, Biggie, PAC, Busta Rhymes, Raheem The Dream, DMX, Lil Wayne, Sade, and Johnnie Taylor, PM Lowe aims high and aspires to create a lasting impression with his music. 

Listen to the full album on Spotify: