“Pretty Brown Hair” Is DYLI’s Latest Creation – A Pure And Innovative Single

American Hip Hop artist DYLI is back in style with the release of her latest single, a pure and innovative song titled “Pretty Brown Hair.” The multi-talented singer-songwriter and rapper is mostly known for hits like “LOE” and “New Bag,” a dark-pop, r&b, and hip-hop fusion that helped her skyrocket her popularity in recent months. 

Speaking about her newly released single “Pretty Brown Hair,” DYLI shares: 

“I wrote “Pretty Brown Hair” as a fun way to represent all the beautiful brunettes out there. There has always been a stigma about blondes being the hot cheerleader, the mean girl, the popular socialite or “the fun one”…from movies like Legally Blonde and Mean Girls, to Clueless and There’s Something About Mary, there’s no denying the effect of a hot blonde.”

Her masterful vocal performance and ability to transcend genres and connect with audiences on a personal level are some of the secret ingredients behind the rising star’s success. 

The CA talent keeps raising the bar higher with each of her releases, with “Pretty Brown Hair” acting as a latest proof for her vivid artistry while leaving listeners wanting more and scrutinizing her next move.  

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