Primus respond to Willow’s cover of their 2022 track ‘Conspiranoia’

Primus figurehead Les Claypool has responded to Willow covering their 2022 song ‘Conspiranoia’.

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Willow posted her take on the ‘Conspiranoid’ song to Instagram earlier this week alongside the caption “I fucking love Primus. If you haven’t listened to <Conspiranoid> … that’s a big issue.”

Primus’ Claypool then responded, writing: “Fine guitar pickin’ there young fiery lass”.


Willow replied, saying “I’m shitting my pants with gratitude rn” and changed her Instagram name to Fiery Young Lass.

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Willow is set to release new album <COPINGMECHANISM> on October 8. The follow-up to 2021’s ‘Lately I Feel Everything’ has been teased with ‘<maybe> it’s my fault’, ‘hover like a GODDESS’ and ‘curious/furious’.

Speaking about why it took so many years to make a rock album, despite always being a fan of the genre, Willow told NME: “I had so much respect for the rock genre, but I didn’t know if I could give it exactly what it needed. I was trained very specifically as an R&B singer and I had seen my mum screaming and doing it so perfectly. For a really long time, I just didn’t feel like I would measure up.”

WILLOW at Reading Festival 2022. Credit: Andy Ford for NME

However, she went on to tell NME that she realised she “could make it something truly unique and authentic to who I am as a person and a writer. I could make something that people didn’t even know they needed.”


“There’s a certain level of reckless abandon that comes with rock music,” she added. “Specifically, I think the magnitude of oppression that any minority in America has historically experienced, it puts something inside of us that makes us want to growl a little bit and scream. I think pop-punk is a very beautiful expression of that.”

Last month, Willow made her Reading Festival main stage debut, revealing her ambition to one day make a “rock opera”.