Pronto Drops Third Single Of The Year Called “I’m Done”

Prolific rapper Pronto comes back with a sensational follow-up on his previous release and the touching single “I’m Done” marks as the artist’s finest work to date in his career. With already well-over 100k streams in a short period of time, Pronto is looking and sounding better than ever on his way to establishing himself as a household name in the hip-hop scene. 

Pronto has been releasing music since 2017. His debut release came with a strong EP called The Start, setting off his incredible run while maintaining his signature style throughout the years. Born and raised in Tennessee, Pronto is also known for his fusion style that doesn’t fall under a specific genre. The rapper strives to inspire his listeners and give a promising perspective through his music, a therapeutic approach, both for him and his loyal listeners. 

“I’m Done” by Pronto is now available across platforms so make sure to check it out and enjoy the artist’s unique expressions in a brilliant composition. 

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