‘Rebel Moon’ producers “happy” Zack Snyder’s film isn’t a ‘Star Wars’ movie anymore

Producers on the upcoming Rebel Moon film have opened up on how they feel about Zack Snyder‘s sci-fi film franchise no longer being attached to Star Wars.

Last week, Netflix released the trailer for Snyder’s Rebel Moon, confirming its December 22 release date on the platform. December’s film, titled Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire, will be the first of two films in the franchise. Part two, titled Rebel Moon: The Scargiver, is expected to release sometime in 2024.

In 2013, when Snyder was gearing up to release Man Of Steel, news broke that he was developing a Star Wars movie inspired by Akira Kurosawa. However, in May 2021, Snyder distanced himself from the Star Wars franchise, saying Rebel Moon would be its own thing: “I’ve been working on it away from the Star Wars universe, on my own, as a sci-fi thing… It’s still a sci-fi thing. It’s the same story. Now, I’m just going to let Star Wars be Star Wars.”


Now, two producers on the film have spoken about their thoughts of Rebel Moon‘s separation from Star Wars. Zack Snyder’s wife Deborah Snyder told Slash Film: “Once, it was a Star Wars film, and I never wanted it to be. I remember, I said to Zack, ‘I just feel like your hands are going to be tied so much in what that IP is,’ even though it kind of lived outside of it. So I was kind of happy when that fell apart, because I always felt like it was better.”

Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’. Credit: Netflix

Eric Newman added: “I remember [Zack] calling me at some point, and this has got to be 15 years ago, saying, ‘I’m thinking of doing Seven Jedi, in the Star Wars universe.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a cool idea.’ Then, a few years later, he calls me and goes, ‘You know, I think it could be a television show.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, let’s do this! Fuck Star Wars! Let’s do this as a TV show.’

Rebel Moon’s cast is led by Sofia Boutella as fearsome warrior Kora, alongside Charlie Hunnam, Michiel Huisman, Djimon Hounsou, Doona Bae, Ray Fisher, Cleopatra Coleman, Jena Malone, Ed Skrein, Fra Fee and Anthony Hopkins, who plays an android on a journey of self-discovery.

Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child Of Fire is scheduled for release December 22 on Netflix.