Ridley Bronson ‘s Forward-Thinking Fusion Resonates In “Flex My Drip” and “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray”

Ridley Bronson paints a vivid picture of his musical journey, one that is steeped in respect for the old and excitement for the new. His recent standout track, “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray,” is a glaring example. Its roots trace back to ANOTR’s unique take on acoustic 909 drums in The Reset. The DJ and producer’s admiration for this classic yet electronically enhanced drumming is evident.

His tracks, “Flex My Drip” and “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray” straddle the fine line between the comforting embrace of familiarity and the thrilling allure of innovation. And while Ridley remains mysteriously reserved about forthcoming collaborations, the hint towards female vocalists with a ’90s R&B vibe is thrilling. The prospect of real instruments like the Rhodes piano making a presence in his future tracks further adds to the anticipation.

Recently, Bronson highlighted that with “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray,” he primarily wants listeners to savor and lose themselves in the music. He envisions fans immersing in the beats and cherishing the experience. This evolution in his musical approach not only enriches his collection of works but also paves the way for enhanced live shows, synchronization opportunities, and greater reach.

Leaning more towards intuition and ambiance rather than rigid structures when crafting music, Ridley Bronson stresses that he doesn’t tackle a tune with a set blueprint; instead, he allows it to grow organically. Following “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray,” he hints that fans can look forward to more of his hallmark resonant atmospheres, compelling rhythms, and memorable choruses in future compositions.

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