Riot for Romance Embark On A Journey Of Self-Discovery

American post-punk band, Riot for Romance, is set to release a new album soon. Renowned for their genuine renditions and innovative compositions that fuse elements of shoegaze, alternative, and post-rock, the self-titled EP of Jason Hansen, Brett Miotti, and Kelly Nunn, featuring “The World And Its Weight” and “Less For Regret,” has been captivating the global audience. Additionally, the trio recently unveiled their version of Radiohead’s widely-adored hit, “Karma Police.” 

In a recent interview, the band members revealed that their upcoming album explores the concept of unburdening from toxic worldviews. This theme is a reflection of the trio’s journey towards self-discovery, which has been a long and challenging process for them. As a multi-state group, Riot for Romance has faced several challenges, including elongated times in songwriting and preparing for performances. However, they have managed to overcome these minor obstacles by leveraging technology and planning ahead to keep things rolling. 

Riot for Romance weaves together a tapestry of sound, combining guitars, keys, and piano to create a rich sonic landscape. Their use of synths and keys adds a touch of complexity, bringing out subtle nuances in their music. From pristine tones to heavily saturated ones, the band’s sound is as varied as it is emotive. Their lyrics remind listeners of a shared experience that binds everyone together. With their upcoming album, Hansen, Miotti, and Nunn aim to create a real connection with their fans, drawing them into a community built on a foundation of honesty and vulnerability.

Listen to Riot for Romance’s music below: