Ronny Shome Shoots The Fresh New Track “Change” On The Airwaves

Established London-based British songwriter and producer Ronny Shome is shooting a fresh new track on the airwaves titled “Change.” He follows-up to his latest drops; the singles “Breakthrough,” “Summer Dreams,” “You’re The One,” “Get Up,” and “Want You To Know.” From pop to electronic dance music, Ronny Shome’s music transcends genres and stereotypes, as he fearlessly taps into whichever musical style fits the intuitions he has in a specific creative moment. Shome learned to master playing the piano at eight years old, and he’s always been grateful for his parents suggesting he learnt an instrument as child. Until this day, Ronny Shome finds it very useful to know how to play this instrument when composing new music. 

U2, Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Brayn Adams are some of the artists who heavily influenced Ronny Shome. In a recent interview about his new single “Change,” Ronny Shome explained: 

““Change” was inspired by a teacher at college who once told me that “if you always do what you have always done, you are always going to get what you’ve always got”. That got me thinking about how one has to be determined in life and try whatever it takes to succeed. Initially the song was designed with a jazzier type of vibe, but my producer suggested this style as thought it would resonate with more people. It was initially inspired by the song “Jive Talkin’” by Bee Gees.”