Röyksopp announce ‘Profound Mysteries III’ to complete three-part project

Röyksopp have announced the third and final album in their ‘Profound Mysteries’ series – ‘Profound Mysteries III’ will come out in November.

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The project began in late April with ‘Profound Mysteries‘, before a second album of the same name was shared last week (August 19).

On November 18, the duo will release the 10-track ‘Profound Mysteries III’, featuring collaborations with Alison Goldfrapp, Susanne Sundfør and more.


The Norwegian duo had previously said “goodbye to the traditional album format” following the release of their fifth LP ‘The Inevitable End’ in 2014, but vowed to continue making music together.

See the tracklist and artwork for ‘Profound Mysteries III’ below and pre-order the album here.


1. ‘So Ambiguous’ feat. Jamie Irrepressible
2. ‘Me&Youphoria’
3. ‘Stay Awhile’ feat. Susanne Sundför
4. ‘The Night’ feat. Alison Goldfrapp
5. ‘Lights Out’ feat. Pixx
6. ‘Speed King’
7. ‘The Next Day’ feat. Jamie Irrepressible
8. ‘Just Wanted To Know’ feat. Astrid S
9. ‘Feel It’ feat. Maurissa Rose
10. ‘Like An Old Dog’ feat. Pixx

Speaking to NME about working with Sundfør, again recently, Svein Berge said: “We have the returning Norwegian chartreuse Susanne Sundfør, who we’ve worked with in the past. I just find that when I write a certain kind of song – perhaps erring more on the more melancholic side – I tend to write them with Susanne’s voice in my head. She’s very often put to work on those tracks, because she has that vibe.

Reviewing the first two parts of ‘Profound Mysteries’, NME wrote: “It’s a satisfying ride. This smooth and consistent journey through nostalgia and the energy of new ideas means that ‘Profound Mysteries’ parts one and two stand up as latter-day career triumphs for Röyksopp. Taken as a whole, it’s certainly their finest collection of music since ‘Melody AM’ – and the opening of a bold new chapter.”