Sabrina Sekuloski Shifts Toward Pop With New Single “Mosaic”

Sabrina Sekuloski, an Indie Pop singer-songwriter hailing from the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia, has just released her newest single, “Mosaic.” In this emotionally rich piece, she skillfully crafts a reflective narrative filled with authenticity. The artist invites her listeners to explore the intricate depths of a wounded heart, presenting a captivating creation that vividly conveys the anguish of feeling overlooked as the world unravels around her.

Sekuloski reflects on her tendency to remain silent to sidestep conflict and grapples with the painful recognition of the suffering she has endured. Amidst the hurdles and undeserved critique, Sabrina possesses an unwavering resolve to unearth her genuine self, questioning if she ever deserved the ceaseless negativity that has left her broken. The song encapsulates the struggle to reclaim one’s self-identity and self-worth amidst the tumultuous emotional landscape.

As “Mosaic” comes to life, Sabrina unveils the challenges she had to face: “Do you see me through the cracks?/ After all the uncalled for attacks/ I’ve been finding my way back/ Did I deserve all the flak?/ These matters left me in tatters/ I’m a mosaic of shatters/ I don’t recognise me/ I’m not what I used to be/ It hurts that you don’t even care/ but I’m not broken beyond repair.”

Inspired by the likes of Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer, Sabrina’s musical style transcends genre boundaries, continually molding her artistic journey. Following her earlier EP, Scenic Route, which included songs like  “Shine,” “Summer Dreaming,” and “Red Convertible,”  her latest release, “Mosaic,” signifies a fresh foray into the realm of pop music. Here, Sekuloski authentically channels her voice and lays bare her raw emotions.

Listen to “Mosaic” below: