Smeethan’s Recent Release “Soul Symphony” Inspire Hope And Action

Environmental activist and musician, Smeethan’s latest single “Soul Symphony” brings to light the magnificence of the natural world, with the aim of motivating a new generation to hope and take united action. To achieve this goal, the singer-songwriter recognized the need to remove his ego from the equation. 

He sought to construct an immersive auditory environment for the listeners, realizing that the inclusion of a human voice in music could potentially impose someone else’s ego onto their experience. Instead, Smeethan incorporated the sounds of nature into his musical composition, allowing the audience to fully engage their senses and subconscious imagination.

Smeethan intends to employ a similar approach in his future releases, which highlight the positive potential of humanity. The artist hopes to weave together the sounds of human achievements and progress, as a way of paying tribute to the captivating and irresistible allure of the universe.

The LA-based talent hopes to evoke a sense of serenity and mystical connection to nature, with the ultimate goal of cultivating an appreciation for the natural world and acknowledging our reliance on it for survival. By instilling gratitude and a deep love for the Earth, his aspiration is that listeners will be motivated to take action and protect the planet.

“Soul Symphony” offers a captivating and multi-sensory experience that transcends just the auditory realm. Its accompanying video showcases the beauty of evolution and growth, featuring the transformation of baby animals into adults and the progression of streams into mighty rivers, vast lakes, and finally, the boundless ocean. 

Through the visuals Smeethan underlines the vastness of the sky and the stunning beauty of rain, reminiscent of a warm and delightful summer storm. The video serves as a stunning portrayal of the natural world’s magnificence, power, and wonder, with the water cycle and the growth of life serving as the primary core elements.

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