Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton among Meta’s new AI chatbots

Meta have shared a series of new celebrity chatbots that run on artificial intelligence (AI) in their latest roll-out of developments for the platform.

A total of 28 new chatbots will launch across Facebook and Instagram, with Snoop Dogg voicing one named “Dungeon Master” who specialises in video games. Celebutante and one-time pop singer Paris Hilton, meanwhile, will voice “Amber” – a mystery-solving detective.

“We’ve been creating AIs that have more personality, opinions, and interests, and are a bit more fun to interact with,” a statement from Meta read on their website. “You can think of these AIs as a new cast of characters – all with unique backstories.”


Other celebrities involved include retired NFL player Tom Brady (as “Bru”), Kendall Jenner (as “Billie”) and YouTuber MrBeast (as “Zach”). Meta also announced plans for a new AI assistant, as well as a new AI studio for coders, developers, businesses and creators.

The rise of AI, particularly within entertainment, has been met with pushback. Earlier this month, Selena Gomez deemed an AI “cover” of her “singing” ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd (who has also been prey to AI-generated music) as “scary”.

Noel Gallagher, meanwhile, took aim at an AI-generated Oasis “album” that was shared online earlier this year. “These fucking idiots have clearly got too much time on their hands,” he said at the time.

Other artists that have spoken out against AI include Ed Sheeran, who deemed it “weird”, and Damon Albarn, who deemed it “absurd”.