Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore shares health update, says prognosis is “very good”

Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore has discussed his recent struggles with atrial fibrillation that led him to cancel his US book tour for the memoir Sonic Life.

Speaking to The New York Times, Moore shared that he has been living with the condition for several years now, but the condition became “slightly concerning” this year. “I was finding myself at times to be so weak I could hardly walk around the neighborhood,” he said.

Though Moore was initially convinced he “could just power through it” for his book tour, his doctor ordered him not to fly. The guitarist is currently awaiting treatment, but shared that “the prognosis is very good”.


Moore also discussed the possibility of a Sonic Youth reunion, saying that he “[doesn’t] foresee it happening because I think maybe it’s a little too unwieldy at this point”. However, he added, the idea of a reunion is “something that’s always going to be on the table”.

The US leg of Moore’s book tour was scheduled to run from October 24 in Jersey City until November 4 in San Francisco, though Moore has shared his hopes that he will be able to attend the two tour dates in the United Kingdom in November.

“It utterly bereaves me to pass on the news that I have been advised by my medical team here in the UK to cancel my upcoming USA book tour. For years I have been dealing with a longstanding health condition, though it has never seriously stopped me from touring and recording,” Moore shared at the time.

“Regardless it’s always been an underlying issue and as I reach my mid-60s this year it has become rather, and consistently, debilitating. After a recent consultation, my doctors have strongly advised against me flying anywhere under any circumstance until they get it all sorted out.”