Stormzy has “made peace” with the idea that no one may like ‘This Is What I Mean’

Stormzy has spoken about his upcoming third album ‘This Is What I Mean’, saying he’s “made peace with the idea that no one may like it.”

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The follow-up to 2019’s ‘Heavy Is The Head’, ‘This Is What I Mean’ is due out November 25 and was previewed by lead single ‘Hide & Seek’.

Speaking about the new record in an interview with Rick Rubin for i-D, Stormzy explained how he finds it “impossible to figure out what people want from me.”


“This idea of being in the studio, thinking you have to make a certain kind of song… it’s the least creative place you can be,” he said. “And really, the audience doesn’t even know what they like – and I know that because I’m the same when I’m listening to music.”

Stormzy went on to say “the process of making this album has been very selfish.”

He continued: “One thing I tried to keep in mind when making the album was that I needed to love it. I need to love the music I make more than anyone else. It should be my pride and my joy.”

“It reflects the man I am and the man I’ve become,” he continued of ‘This Is What I Mean’. “It’s a reflection of growth. It’s not an attempt at music so much, it’s more me trying to hold up a mirror to myself.”

“I feel like this album unlocks whatever freedom I’ve been looking for – both as a man and as a creative. It allows me to spread my wings,” Stormzy said. “I’ve made peace with the idea that no one may like it.”


The rapper has previously spoken about the “beautiful” and “spiritual” experience of recording his new album on a secluded island and revealed that he’s written a song that he reckons is worthy of this year’s Christmas Number One.