Sylvester Stallone meets The Pope, who is a huge fan of his films

Sylvester Stallone has met The Pope, and found out that the global religious figure is a huge fan of his films.

The legendary actor visited The Vatican yesterday (September 8) for an audience with Pope Francis alongside Stallone’s wife, daughters and brother.

In a video shared to social media, Pope Francis is seen telling Stallone that he’s a huge fan of his movies, to which the actor replied: “Well, thank you very much for taking time from your busy day. We appreciate this very much.”


“I am honoured,” Francis replied. “We grew up with your films.”

“Well I’m honoured, too,” Stallone said, going on to raise his fists as if ready for a fight, and said: “Ready? We box.”

The Pope then took a fake jab at the actor. See it all unfold below.

Elsewhere, Stallone recently revealed that Adele was so intent on keeping the acting star’s Rocky statue when buying his home, that she was willing to walk away from the deal altogether.

The British singer bought the actor’s Los Angeles mansion last year for a reported $58million (£45million), which features a statue of Stallone’s iconic character from the boxing franchise overlooking the pool.


In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, Stallone revealed that he originally wanted to take the statue with him when he moved.

But the singer apparently told Stallone: “That’s a no deal. That’s gonna blow the whole deal.” The actor eventually let the singer keep the statue, sharing: “I like what she’s doing, she’s making it gorgeous.”