The Mars Volta announce first album in 10 years and share new single ‘Vigil’

The Mars Volta have shared details of their first album in a decade alongside the release of a new single called ‘Vigil’.

The self-titled album, ‘The Mars Volta’, is released on September 16 via Cloud Hill and marks the band’s first record since 2012’s ‘Noctourniquet’.

It follows the release of ‘Graveyard Love‘ last month and June’s comeback single ‘Blacklight Shine‘, both tracks of which feature on the new album.


The reunited Mars Volta will head out on a US tour later this year in support of their self-titled seventh record. See the full list of dates here (and buy tickets).

‘The Mars Volta’ tracklist:

01. ‘Blacklight Shine’
02. ‘Graveyard Love’
03. ‘Shore Story’
04. ‘Blank Condolences’
05. ‘Vigil’
06. ‘Qué Dios Te Maldiga Mí Corazón’
07. ‘Cerulea’
08. ‘Flash Burns From Flashbacks’
09. ‘Palm Full Of Crux’
10. ‘No Case Gain’
11. ‘Tourmaline’
12. ‘Equus 3’
13. ‘Collapsible Shoulders’
14. ‘The Requisition’

The Texas-formed band released six albums between 2003 and 2012 before splitting due to a falling out between founding members Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López.

However, the pair made amends and formed a new group, Antemasque. They also revamped their pre-Mars Volta outfit, At The Drive-In, for a new record in 2017.


A Mars Volta reunion has been hinted at by the band several times in recent years. In 2019, Bixler-Zavala effectively confirmed it when he told a fan online that “it’s happening”. In another update, he said the reunion would hear them lean heavily on new material.

Meanwhile, Bixler-Zavala spoke about the band’s comeback single ‘Blacklight Shine’ earlier this summer, saying that the lyrics to the song delve into the idea of “a wave of rolling blackouts washing memories onto shore, a heartbeat that still remembers everything”.