The Return Showcases Hip-Hop Artist Tu Forty’s Stunning Skill Set

After The Unknown, “Party Up” and “Dope,” The Return marks a new turn in Tu Forty’s music career. In just 9 tracks, Tu Forty manages to keep listeners hooked while offering some beautifully crafted songs like “Code,” “Levitate,” “Can’t Relate” and more. 

Born in Miami Dade County and raised in Hialeah, FL, Tu Forty has been dropping fantastic sounds since 2017 and the release of his first album The Unknown. 

With each new release, the Hip-Hop artist sets the bar higher than on his previous tracks, aiming for excellence in every project he undertakes. 2 PAC , DMX , Eminem, Method Man, 50 cent, and Lil Wayne have inspired him to become an artist, a calling he first felt when he was only 8 years old. 

Over the years, he has impressively improved his game, all the while staying true to his roots as an artist who seeks to pair smooth productions with his incredibly appealing flow. Keep him on your radar to follow the fast-development of his music career.