The ‘Vampire Survivors’ soundtrack is coming to vinyl this month

Developer Poncle and iam8bit have announced that the soundtrack to indie hit Vampire Survivors is being released on vinyl this month.

Set to launch on March 14, the set will feature 22 songs across two LPs. Priced at $42.99, the soundtrack has been pressed on “blood-splatter coloured red wax”, while its slipcase has an original illustration by artist Nimit Malavia.

Discussing the score with NME, composer Daniele Zandara (who scored Vampire Survivors along with Filippo Vicarelli and Will Davies) reveals that he originally “didn’t envision” his music gelling with the game’s chaotic format.


“That’s what [Vampire Survivors creator] Luca Galante did from the beginning of my path with Poncle, and still does,” Zandara shared. “He usually has the vision of a new stage or character, explains to me the main feeling or peculiar characteristics and I try to translate that into music. Sometimes I’m able to do that and sometimes it’s not so easy – I say not so easy, but Poncle do the hardest work for me.”

Vampire Survivors vinyl. Credit: Poncle, iam8bit.
Vampire Survivors vinyl. Credit: Poncle, iam8bit.

While making the score, Zandara was inspired by other game soundtracks and music sent to him by Galante. However, his wider inspirations range from books and movies, to his wife, child, and pet cat. Though it usually takes Zandara several “revisions” to get a song right, he says that early versions of some tracks – including ‘Reincarnated Echoes‘ – felt right from the beginning.

As for the score’s physical release, Zandara describes it as “a new milestone” for himself and the development team at Poncle. “All of the members are dedicated people with a strong passion for kindness, altruism, and respect, which are an incredible boost for creativity and freedom.”

“That’s how I feel seeing the soundtrack get a physical release: proud to be part of the Poncle team,” he added.

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