This British revenge thriller is currently top of Netflix UK

The 2021 British crime thriller Bull has become an unlikely summer streaming favourite after it climbed to the top of Netflix UK’s most-watched rankings this month.

The film, written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams, tells the story of Bull (Neil Maskell), a mob enforcer who returns home after 10 years to to find his estranged son and seek revenge on his former gang that doubled crossed him.

Bull was well received by critics upon release, earning a 93 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Guardian described Bull as a “terrifying thriller” in a four-star review, while Empire magazine wrote that “Paul Andrew Williams and Neil Maskell breathe new life into a familiar one-man-army scenario”.


The film is now generating a new buzz as it has topped the Netflix UK rankings.

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Among those to react to the film’s success on the streaming service was director Williams, who shared a picture of the film’s number one spot on Twitter with the caption: “Still frikkin there!!!! WTF. It must not be bad….”

“As it blimmin should be!” one person replied. “BULL with the marvellous Neil Maskell is on Netflix now and it’s perfect Saturday night viewing.”

A particularly shocking plot twist at the end has also encouraged fans to share their thoughts on social media.”Watched Bull on Netflix and yeah, it’s incredible. What an ending,” one Twitter user wrote. “Go watch Bull now it’s finally on Netflix. It’s terrific,” another shared.

Check out some more reactions to the film below.


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