Today’s Wordle answer and hints for #980 on February 24

Wordle may be several years old, but the wildly popular word game has managed to keep players hooked on their phone screens since 2021.

It’s for good reason that the game’s popularity hasn’t dwindled: it’s free to play and boasts a simple concept for a fun and engaging puzzle game that doesn’t take too much time. To play, you’re given six tries to work out each day’s answer, with each try providing another hint until you solve (or guess) your way into getting the right answer.

Even if you’ve been playing daily since launch, Wordle stumps the best of us every so often. Some answers are easier than others, and some might even be words you might not have ever heard of (cough, cough… WOOER).


But we’re here to assure you that there’s no shame in needing a little hint every now and then. Don’t worry, we’ll try to give you clues without giving away too much of the answer.

Here’s the Wordle answer for today:

Wordle hint and clues for today (#980, February 24)

To start, yesterday’s Wordle answer (February 23) was APART. Here are your clues for today’s Wordle answer

  1. This word is a noun
  2. It refers a bagpipe player
  3. Begins with ‘P’
Wordle. Credit: Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Today’s Wordle answer (February 24)

Still stumped? We’ve got you covered! Today’s Wordle answer has two vowels and one repeating letter.

Here is the answer for today’s Wordle (puzzle 980 on February 24): PIPER


We’ll update this page each day to ensure it’s got the latest Wordle answer, but if you don’t want to make checking a habit, there are some handy tips to work out each day’s puzzle yourself. Try to open your guesses with a word that has plenty of vowels – as mathematician Jonathan Olson identifies, some great words to use first include ‘Salet’, ‘Rance’, ‘Alter’, and ‘Crate’.

Past Wordle answer archive

When guessing the Wordle answer for today, it can help to know what words have come before. Here’s some recent answers:

Wordle. Credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Similar games to Wordle

If you find yourself struggling to land each answer every day, good news: there’s plenty of other similar games that can test your knowledge in other areas. The success of Wordle has meant that everyone has tried their hand at making similar games – even Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo chipped in to launch Weezle, which predictably tasks players with working out a lyric from the band’s songs each day.

If Weezer‘s not the band for you, there’s always Taylordle – which is the same game, except with Taylor Swift lyrics.

Beyond that, there’s also a battle royale, a dungeon crawler, and one that tests your knowledge of geography – so there’s plenty to choose from at the moment. There’s even a NSFW version for adults-only!

Wordle is available for free on PC and mobile.